First rotation update!

First rotation update!

Hi all!

We have just finished our fifth week as trainees here at GKN Aerospace, but also our first week, out of 10, at our rotations. Each of us are at different departments within the company and we will be working with everything from quality and production to solid mechanics.

My first rotation is within a department that works with the supply chain. The goal is to gain an overall understanding of the supply chain, both regarding the day to day tasks but also their strategic work. My week started with a tour in one of the workshops and proceeded with me learning about everything from production planning to material flows and customer needs. In addition to the days being very educational, I had the opportunity to meet many people from different departments at the company, something that is always fun. It has been an intense week and I am sure that Robin, My, Marcus and Jens agrees with me when I say that it has been very rewarding!

Next week Robin will share his work at the quality department, see you then!


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