– GKN –

What does GKN plc do?
GKN plc is a British company with activity in over 30 countries with approximately 49 000 employees. The company is divided into four divisions: GKN Aerospace, GKN Driveline, GKN Powder Metallurgy and GKN Land Systems. In Sweden, GKN Driveline is located in Köping and GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan and Linköping.
What does GKN Aerospace do?
GKN Aerospace manufactures engine components, aircraft structures, cabin windows, cabling and much more for many of the world’s aircraft. A great focus lies on research of production of aero structures and engine components in metal and composite. We were among the first to implement lightweight materials such as thermoplastic composites and fibrous metal laminates in aircraft components 30 years ago and achieved comparative weight savings of approximately 25% for larger passenger aircraft. Our work is part of most of the great military and civil programs within the aerospace business.
What does GKN Aerospace Engine Systems in Trollhättan do?
GKN Aerospace Sweden develops and produces metal components for aircraft engines, stationary gas turbines and rocket engines. We also perform heavy maintenance (service, overhaul and reparation) of civil and military aircraft engines (RM12 engines to the JAS39 Gripen) as well as stationary gas turbines for e.g. the oil and gas industry. In addition to this, we also do research such as future engine concepts within several EU projects.

– The young graduate program –

Do you get a permanent employment after the young graduate program, and what salary do you get?
As a young graduate you are employed from the very first day. The salary is based on the market levels.
What happens after the year as a young graduate?
When you get accepted as a young graduate at GKN, you get a “home department”. We think it is good that you know what kind of role you are intended to get after the young graduate year. This gives you the opportunity to do your practice periods in a way that you (if you want to) can learn a lot about organizations and departments, which you might have close contact with in your future employment. Despite this, your future employee role is not carved in stone and if the department should not suit you there are possibilities to change.
Where can you do the abroad internship? Where has former young graduates been?
GKN has currently sites in over 30 countries worldwide, which give you great opportunities for the abroad internship. In the link below, you can see where GKN operates at a world map.

As a young graduate, you have much to say about your employment. Where you choose to do your abroad internship is dependent on what you want to focus on during the internship. During recent years, our young graduates have been in Bangalore (India), Hartford (Connecticut, U.S.), Santa Ana (California, U.S.), Bristol (Great Britain) and Munich (Germany).


– Thesis –

Is it possible to suggest a thesis proposition of my own to GKN?
You can always send us your thesis proposition, if none of the proposed thesis, that is currently available, match your profile and interest. Our HR department will then investigate the need and possibility to perform the thesis at GKN and will return back to you. At this web site we will continuously publish new thesis propositions. Check the “Thesis” page for information of currently available thesis propositions.
As a thesis writer at GKN, will I get to know others in the same situation?
The young graduates continuously arranges thesis writers’ lunches where all thesis writers and young graduates are welcome to join. It is a great opportunity to meet other thesis writers. We also arranges after works in one of the puns inTrollhättan, where you can eat and hang out outside of work. In other words, you can quickly get to know other young and new employees at GKN.

– Other –

I have applied for a thesis at GKN in Trollhättan. Can the company help me with accommodation?
GKN Aerospace Sweden does not own any apartments. The company does however have good connections with the local rental companies where you can turn to. Through the link below, you may see which rental companies are available in Trollhättan (only in Swedish, for help in English, contact us).


How is it to live in Trollhättan? What can you do at your spare time?
We have young graduates from all of Sweden who thrive in Trollhättan. In Trollhättan are all the great business chains available when it comes to food, shopping and spare time activities. At your leisure time you may go bowling, to the cinema, to one of the local pubs or night clubs, or just take a coffee. At the summer, several cafés and restaurants have outdoor dining down by the canal. It’s really nice and cozy! In July, there is an annual festival in Trollhättan, called “Fallens dagar” (The Waterfall Days) which is quite popular. If you do not want to live in Trollhättan, there are good opportunities to commute with surrounding cities.
What spare time activities are available at GKN?
At GKN there is a leisure section which is open and free for both employees and their relatives. Both a gym and a sports center are available.

To the benefit of the employees, there are as well about 20 different sections, e.g. the stock section, the badminton section, the bicycle and spinning section, the photo section, the floor ball section, hunting and wild life care section, the skiing section, and many more. The sections arrange different activities, training and travels together. If you miss any section there is a possibility to receive funding for starting a new section if there is an interest among the employees.

If you do have questions that you cannot find the answer to above, contact us at: aerotrainees@gknaerospace.com

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