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Month: December 2015

Greetings before the holiday

Greetings before the holiday

Just as I was to finish up my work before the holiday, the fever forced me to retire a few days early. It’s the day before Christmas Eve and time to head home for the “celebration”. Watching a few movies from our childhood suits my malaise well. I just wanted to post a short one before I and the others go on a leave, to wish you a nice holiday. The blog will also take some time off and we’ll be back in the second week of forthcoming year.

Whatever you make of your holiday, whether or how you’ll celebrate: Drive and eat carefully, have a nice one and a happy new year! <@:D

Christmas card (swedish, sry): Delightful evening with the trainees and guests
A recommendation in the programming jungle

A recommendation in the programming jungle

You who is a student or have been a student probably recognize yourself in several different programming languages. Programs and languages are many as well as the variations and applications. During my time at Chalmers, the focus was mostly on Matlab and some different simulation and CAD tools. But, as a wise former trainee said in a post a year ago, there is another program that is used everywhere, all the time and are very useful in several ways. Unfortunately it is a bit forgotten in the academic world, in my personal opinion and experience. This program is nothing less than Microsoft Excel.

Excel is so much more than the plus, minus and a tool for nice diagrams. It is a program that in particular can save a lot of time provided it is used correctly. I wish I had learned more about Excel during my years as a student. Just three months here at GKN, I have discovered many new complex functions and that the programming capabilities of Excel’s Visual Basic are endless. If you have not opened Visual Basic – do it, try it! (There are good exercises on Youtube for all of you who are just as confused as me. =))


Finally – to all of you – if you have the opportunity to take a course in Excel – do it !! =)