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Month: October 2020

Thesis work at GKN Aerospace

Thesis work at GKN Aerospace

Hi there all readers!

A year ago, I was planning my master thesis. Already during the summer I started thinking about it. Many thoughts and questions but not as many answers. Would I stay in Luleå where I studied or would I move to the Stockholm area where I grew up or would I stay in Sweden at all? What company? Should I write only myself or with someone and if so, who? What are the pros and cons?

In September I started to look around for options and already at the end of September/ early October I had knew where I would carry out my degree project and what it would be about what but with whom was not clear until the beginning of December. In January 2020, I moved down to Södertälje, a town outside Stockholm, and began my thesis together with a classmate and just when we started to get into our project, a pandemic came and our whole setup had to be rethought. Also there, however, time went incredibly fast and suddenly it was June and digital presentations were held for both school and company and shortly afterwards, there it was, I had my diploma in hand.

Despite the fact that a pandemic has hit the whole world and companies as well as cities are shutting down, I am incredibly happy to be able to tell you that we will bring in thesis workers during the spring of 2021 again. If you, who are reading this, are thinking about writing your thesis, I highly recommend taking a look at the degree projects that can be carried out here with us at GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan.

You can find degree projects HERE and we regularly publish degree projects so if you don’t find anything right now, feel free to come back and check again in a while. However, do not wait too long to apply as I know that the last application date for some is already in mid-November and that selection may take place on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions or concerns about the thesis, there is contact information in each brief, or visit GKN’s website HERE . If you still have questions, you are of course welcome to contact us at

I hope to see you here in the spring!
Have a nice week,

Engine programs & Solid mechanics

Engine programs & Solid mechanics

Civila Motorkomponenter

Hello everyone!

It’s said that time flies when you’re having fun and these last weeks are no exception! All of us have now written a blog post about our initial impressions during the first time in the rotations. My first rotation and hence my home department is within solid mechanics that is responsible for performing calculations and analyses on both new and current products within the engine segment. In an aircraft engine, high loads and stresses occur as a result of (amongst other causes) high temperature differences, airflows and rotational velocities. These stresses must be verified such that materials and construction doesn’t fail and that flight safety is not compromised.

It’s a very interesting subject as the analysis becomes very detailed both in terms of design and physical effects that a component is subjected to. At the same time, a general understanding of the engine is required as all parts and systems are connected and therefore affects each other. With my background in aeronautics from university and flying in my spare time, I find it particularly exciting as GKN Aerospace is involved in several major engine programmes with Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and General Electric (Read more here!)

We’re now heading into the fourth week of our first rotation. In mid-December we’ll conduct our second development week and until then we have some exciting activities planned outside of our daily work. More about that in future posts!

Until then, take care!


Up and Running!

Up and Running!

Hello people!

Time flies when you are having fun! The shot indicating the start of our seventh week has just been fired, and we have been through a lot, not the least two whole weeks at our first rotation. Initially it was a lot to take in, and learn about each respective placement. However, as each day passes we all feel that we are more and more in the game.

As Emma introduced last week, my first rotation is within quality. My first two weeks have been very eventful. Within quality people often refer to variation as the villain, but in my case it was the complete opposite. I was very glad to have a lot of varied tasks where no two days were the same. I have been reading up on quality standards, which is an important part within aerospace as there are more narrow requirements on the products and the way they are made. As a part of ISO9001 comes the process oriented management system, which is used to describe and guide the many processes in place. The idea is for me to review a subprocess and how it can become more of a living process, but more on that at a later stage. Other days I have spent time on the shopfloor to gather information for an improvement project that seeks to simplify how data is being visualized in one part of the production. Around all the specific tasks a lot of meetings take place, where I have gotten the chance to meet lots of nice people and simultaneously collect lots of new knowledge.

Finally, we as new graduates would like to send a big thanks to all our coworkers for the world class welcome. Also, don’t miss next week’s update. Jens will return to tell you all about his time in solid mechanics.

See you later!


First rotation update!

First rotation update!

Hi all!

We have just finished our fifth week as trainees here at GKN Aerospace, but also our first week, out of 10, at our rotations. Each of us are at different departments within the company and we will be working with everything from quality and production to solid mechanics.

My first rotation is within a department that works with the supply chain. The goal is to gain an overall understanding of the supply chain, both regarding the day to day tasks but also their strategic work. My week started with a tour in one of the workshops and proceeded with me learning about everything from production planning to material flows and customer needs. In addition to the days being very educational, I had the opportunity to meet many people from different departments at the company, something that is always fun. It has been an intense week and I am sure that Robin, My, Marcus and Jens agrees with me when I say that it has been very rewarding!

Next week Robin will share his work at the quality department, see you then!