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Month: March 2022

Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Introduce a Girl to Engineering


Last Friday, Emelie and I arranged a digital event for young girls and non-binaries between the ages of 13-19, with the goal of inspiring them to pursue a career in technology. The event is called IGE-day, Introduce a Girl to Engineering day, and is a concept created by the Womengineer Foundation. Womengineer has a vision that by 2030, the number of graduating engineers will be the same for both men and women. At GKN Aerospace, we work actively to increase the diversity of the company, and participating in events like these is very important to us. Because of this, we have participated in IGEday several years in a row.

As mentioned earlier, this year it was time for Emelie and I to arrange the event at GAS. Given the high spread of the Coronavirus at the beginning of the year, the event was decided to be held digitally, which went very well. We invited Johanna Nylander who presented the actions of the aviation industry to achieve a sustainable flight. Additionally, Elin Eriksson and Emily Chen told us about their journey and described what they do in a normal workday as engineers. Thank you for being a part of the event!

Because the event was digital, we chose to send out goodie bags to the participants, something that was very much appreciated. We hope that the participants had a good day and that they learned more about engineering, and possibly got an answer to the eternal question “What does an engineer do?”.


Development week 1

Development week 1

Hello again all readers!

We are now back in Västra Götaland after an intense week in Bristol, UK. Finally, we had the opportunity to meet the other global graduates in real life and not behind a screen. What a fun week we had. A group of 16 people, 5 from the USA, 3 from the Netherlands, 3 from the UK and of course 5 from Sweden, stormed the streets of Bristol.

The days consisted of several training sessions that touched on various topics, including self-awareness, communication skills, change management, self-confidence and setting goals. This gave life to many exciting discussions. We also had the opportunity to visit the new GTC, which opened in October, as well as our site in Filton and Western Approach.

The afternoons and evenings were also packed with many fun activities. We visited Bristol’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. A beautiful view that was difficult to enjoy when your heart rate was at 120 bpm after a car ride in the hectic English left-hand traffic.

We were also Locked in a Room and had dinner on a boat.

The winners of the Escape Room with a 12 min margin.

To finish the week off, we were invited to the Recognition of Learning Event. At the event, the 2019 cohort graduated and other awards were handed out. This event took place at the Aerospace Museum in Bristol where we had dinner under the wings of the Concorde aircraft. An amazing experience.

Thank you to everyone who participated during the week and a big thank you to Charlie Lean who arranged it all. We now face the challenge of applying what we have learned and we look forward to the next Development Week.