Emily Chen

Emily Chen

Emily Chen – local trainee

MSE Space Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Luleå University of Technology

Welcome to my profile! My name is Emily Chen and I was born in 1994 in Gothenburg. During my childhood I travelled very frequently to Asia with my family to visit my relatives. Thereby I developed a great interest and fascination for aircraft and even rockets. For this reason I decided to move to north of Sweden for pursuing a degree within MSE. Space engineering with a specialization in aerospace at Luleå University of Technology. Throughout my studies I gathered a large amount of knowledge that fulfilled my curiosity but also strengthen my interests. It covered everything from math to jet engines and programming courses. The education gave also endless opportunities to me for expanding my network and meeting people from around the world, which is something I enjoy.

With my Asian background, I have always found it exciting to experience different cultures and viewing the world from different perspectives. Thereby I did one semester exchange study at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, during the fall of 2017. Within that period I started to grow an interest for cooking, which has become one of my growing hobbies alongside my major dance interest.

Right after this exciting semester, I participated the 1-year student project BEXUS, which was in parallel with my studies. The project is under the collaboration between the Swedish National Space Agency, DLR and ESA. It included building a scientific instrument, where my team TUBULAR and I built a reusable gas sampling system for collection of greenhouse gas in the stratosphere. During the project, I became motivated to carry out my thesis work at an aerospace company, which resulted in GKN Aerospace Sweden. My main task was to develop and propose new methods for calculation of thermal loads within cavities in a space turbine. Within the thesis period, I was supported, inspired and well treated by my colleagues. It encouraged me to apply for the GKN Graduate program.

Here I am now, one of the participants for the Graduate program 19/21 and have just started the next chapter of my life. I look greatly forward to keep developing and creating new opportunities within this company. Not at least, also making new contacts and friends around the world!