Rasmus Arvidson

Rasmus Arvidson

Rasmus Arvidson – Local Young Graduate

M.Sc. Quality Development & Quality Management. Industrial Engineering & Management
Luleå University of Technology.

My name is Rasmus Arvidson, I was born in 1997 in Köping Västmanland and raised in a small village in the countryside. I grew up playing various sports such as football, floorball, wrestling, skiing and cycling. After a while my family and I moved to a small town named Köping, where I started high school. I attended a college-preparatory technical high school program with a focus on industrial production. The high school program was sponsored by both GKN Automotive and Volvo Powertrain. The program has unfortunately been discontinued, but during the time I went there it was called Volvo GKN Technical High School.

After high school I was lucky enough to get a job as a fitter at Volvo Powertrain where I assembled truck gearboxes. It was relatively well paid, but after a year I felt that I wanted to further develop myself. I then moved 950 kilometers north to Luleå to study for a civil engineering degree in Industrial engineering and management.

During my five years in Luleå, I have made friends for life and gained irreplaceable experiences. During my time at the university, I focused mostly on production technology and quality, where I then took a master’s in quality technology and quality management. In addition to school, I have been active in the Industrial Economics section, sat as council member, and worked extra as a student consultant. What I value most from my five years in Luleå are the contacts and friends I have met along the way, but also the experiences from both the university and various employers.

I heard about the trainee program at GKN via LinkedIn, former students from Luleå, as well as my classmates. In addition, a previous trainee had also studied civil engineering in industrial engineering and management in Luleå, which made even more interested in GKN Aerospace. Why I chose GKN Aerospace was probably mostly because of the flexibility, the long project abroad and the opportunities to learn more about the exiting aerospace industry.

Best regards,

Rasmus Arvidson