Christian Sihvo

Christian Sihvo

IMG_3974Master of Science in Space Engineering – Aerospace Engineering
Luleå University of Technology

I was born in November 1988 and grew up in Gråbo, a suburb just outside of Gothenburg. I studied all of primary school in Gråbo and it wasn’t until upper secondary school that I found myself studying some distance from home. After nine years in Gråbo, I started studying an industrial technical program focusing on projects and finances at the, partially Volvo Cars and Volvo owned, school GTG (Göteborgsregionens Tekniska Gymnasium).

I came in contact with Volvo Aero already at GTG through various presentations and lectures, which sparked my interest for the aerospace and space industry. When the time came to choose education and university it felt only natural to choose the masters program in Space Engineering at Luleå University of Technology (LTU).

During my time as a student at the university I also worked extra as an operator within mainly the logistics department, and occasionally in the production, at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg. This was a good way to make some extra money while visiting the family in Gråbo. After working at Volvo as an operator I came to the conclusion that my future lies more within research and development and the future.

After I spent a semester studying more advanced subjects at the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, it was time for me to find a place and subject for my masters thesis. My interest in Volvo Aero was high already at that time and so I made an application to do my thesis at the company. However, by the time I got an offer I had already accepted another offer to work as a manager at the student restaurant and night club in Luleå for one year.

When my year as manager was over it was time again to find a place to do my thesis, and this time I found it at the NVH and aeroacoustics department at Volvo Cars. Only a few weeks into my thesis I found out that the application for the GKN Aerospace Engine Systems young graduate program had been open for a while and was about to close, so I quickly sent in my application. After a rigorous and, at times, intensive selection process I finally got a call during my lunch break at Volvo and got the opportunity to work at perhaps one of the coolest places in Sweden. I didn’t need any consideration before accepting the offer!

As I have been studying in the northern parts of Sweden for most of my time at university level, it might not be too surprising that I have a great interest in skiing and snowboarding. I’ll take my skis or snowboard in the pist or off-pist, preferably as fast as possible. Extreme sports in general are a huge interest of mine; I enjoy not only skiing, snowboarding and climbing but also diving. When it comes to music I enjoy listening to Swedish melodious metal and the occasional 80’s rock song. If the opportunity is given I’d like to travel around the world to see places and experience other countries and cultures as this is also one of my biggest interests.

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