Michael Rorapaugh

Michael Rorapaugh

Aerospace Engineering, University of Cincinnati

Hello, my name is Michael Rorapaugh. I was born in January of 1993 in Columbus, Ohio where I spent most of my childhood until we moved to Cleveland Ohio where I attended high school. During my childhood I could be found either playing sports or setting off model rockets in our backyard. This is where my passion for Engineering and the Aerospace industry started. I also enjoy hiking and kayaking or running in my free time.

I chose to attend college at the University of Cincinnati (UC) in Cincinnati Ohio where I studied Aerospace Engineering. I chose to study at UC because of their unique co-op program where after your freshman year you take every other semester to go work internships in the aerospace industry. This allowed me to get valuable experience in the industry while I was studying. My favorite experience from these co-ops was at the University Combustion Research Lab. This is a University sponsored lab where graduate students preform research for GE on the combustion properties of their new engines. They also preform FAA fire certification for components of engines. During my time at the lab I was fortunate enough to take part in some of these FAA certifications for companies like Boeing, GE and Parker & Hannifin. I was also able to work with one of the graduate students on lean blowout of engine swirlers made by additive manufacturing. This opened my eyes to the additive manufacturing technology and the possibilities in the aerospace industry.

Another great experience at University was my Senior Capstone project. My classmates and I designed a model aircraft to lift as much weight as possible given design and material constraints. We ended up creating a plane that weighed on 7lbs (3.1kg) empty and was able to lift 35lbs (15.9kg) of cargo. We competed this aircraft in Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) competition where we placed 2nd only falling short to a team from Brazil.

I now live in Hartford, Connecticut and work within GKN Aerospace New England (GANE). GANE is comprised of 3 plants in the New England area that are all unique. GANE produces things from Fan Cases to components of the turbine exhaust case. The global graduate program has allowed me to get unbelievable hands on experience from the procurement, manufacture and inspection of these parts. I look forward to more great experiences here in North America and during my rotations in Sweden!