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GKN Aerospace Global Graduate Programme

The sky is no longer the limit.

Here at GKN, we take pride in making things fly. Material composites, Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing—we push the limits of today’s technologies to ensure the safety of tomorrow’s travels. A community of inspired leaders, technicians, and engineers—GKN is committed to remaining at the forefront of the ever-changing aerospace industry.

The GKN Aerospace Global Graduate Programme celebrates over 30 years of success where Graduates learn and acquire the skills they need to fill key leadership roles within GKN. The programme aims to give recent graduates a challenging, international opportunity to develop skills at the forefront of the aerospace industry. As a Graduate, you will be immersed in roles that provide first-hand experience in areas such as product and production development, manufacturing technology, quality engineering, and logistics to name a few. Today’s Graduates are our future leaders, and so we strive to provide them with the best training in order for them to develop and realize their true potential at GKN.

We are looking for recent graduates with

  • a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Industrial Engineering or equivalent
  • high level of interpersonal skills and leadership experience in some form
  • fluent in English and Swedish, both spoken and written
  • large curiosity and appetite for learning new things

We also seek participants with very good social skills so that participants can fully benefit from the educational opportunities, networking and department practice.

The Opportunity

GKN Aerospace is the original aerospace innovator. For decades, GKN Aerospace technologies have inspired and industrialized the aerospace industry, combining engineering excellence and technology leadership.

Today we are truly global, with 18,000 employees in 50 manufacturing locations in 15 countries around the world. All major aircraft and engine manufacturers rely on our advanced technologies. Our aerostructures, engine systems and special products improve the performance of more than 100,000 flights every day.

By working closely together with universities, knowledge institutes, suppliers and customers, we lead the industry in developing new technology to improve aircraft efficiency: lowering aircraft cost, weight and emissions.

The Engine Systems centre of excellence in Trollhättan, Sweden, is our largest single manufacturing facility with approximately 2100 employees. We develop and manufacture components for aerocraft, gas turbines and rocket engines with high technology content in cooperation with the world’s leading producers.

The young graduate program at GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan aims to give new, young employees a holistic view of the company and excellent opportunities for professional and personal development. The program started at the company in 1986 and is well established. With us you get the chance to work in the aerospace industry’s cutting edge, with breakthrough technologies on an international market. You are given the opportunity to progress within a company large enough to have impact on the industry, but small enough for you as an individual to be noticed and make a difference.

The program runs for 27 months. The first twelve months are carried out at our factory in Trollhättan and is followed by a period abroad. We therefore require that all applicants have the opportunity to travel during the program and work abroad for six months.

Key Responsibilities

As a young graduate at GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan we want you to be interested in working with manufacturing engineering, product development, purchasing, logistics and quality, and have the goal to take on a leadership role in the future.

Although highly mobile, Graduates are permanently employed (full-time with benefits) from their first day.

Start date: September 2020

Link to apply: https://careers.gknaerospace.com/job/Trollhattan-Graduate-Trainee/574656101/

If you are ready to take the next step in your professional career and enjoy an exciting, international role: Apply to the GKN Aerospace Global Graduate Programme today!

For further information and questions, please contact:
Magnus Hallberg tel: +46 520 29 26 40
Or email us graduates at: aerotrainees@gknaerospace.com

Do you have what it takes to fly with us?