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Master Thesis – Effect of Nozzle Powder Flow in DED-Powder Depositions

Master Thesis – Automatic update of the virtual model of a flexible automation cell

Master Thesis – Evaluation of transmission for jet engine auxiliaries

Master Thesis – Weld misalignment and its effect on fatigue life

Master Thesis – Modelling of bead shape and overlap for simulation of additive manufacturing

Master Thesis – Effect of Tool-Part Interaction in Composite Manufacturing Simulations and
DoE Analysis

Master Thesis – Machine Learning to Explore Process and Inspection Data to Support
Additive Manufacturing

Master Thesis – Load Path Visualization in Engine Structures

Master Thesis – Validation and Continuous Improvement of Machine Learning Models for Industrial Image Processing

Master Thesis – Increased Crack-Propagation Threshold

Master Thesis – Study of method for determining flange leakage and design of test set up

Master Thesis – Simulation of Creep Deformation In Aero Engine Addtive Manufactured Components

Master Thesis – Aircraft Mission Analysis In NPSS

Master Thesis – Compressor Map Extension

Master Thesis – Improving the analysis process

Master Thesis – Manufacturing uncertainty and variation in multidisciplinary design studies for aerospace components