Joakim Åhman

Joakim Åhman


Master of Science in Engineering Physics, Luleå University of Technology

Hello! My name is Joakim Åhman. I was born the winter of ’91 and so I am currently 24 years old. I grew up in Lerum, which is located about 15 minutes (by car) east of Gothenburg. Ever since I was so young I can’t remember, I’ve been interested in technology, physics and mathematics etc. In high school I studied the technological program, where I had the luck to have a true inspiration of a teacher in both physics and math. This inspiration had a great impact on me and after a year of working my interest brought me into the master program of engineering physics in Luleå.

Engineering physics is a very broad program, one studies a lot of different fields of physics, which suited me very well because at the time I wasn’t certain what interested me the most. Many fields were interesting to learn about, some were not. What eventually catched my eye was fluid dynamics, which became my focus.

Even though fluid dynamics became my focus i thrived with the breadth that the program held. I learned that breadth is something which suits me and I would very much like to continue broadening my knowledge. When I heard of the trainee program at GKN I knew right away that it was a position I would apply for. I did, and now I’m here! Here at the trainee program I can continue developing and broadening my knowledge. I look forward to learning about the company and I hope that some of my upcoming work placement periods will be spent outside of the technological departments. Technology is interesting but I would also like to learn about the company itself and learn to see ”the bigger picture”.

In my free time exercise is a must do. I have practiced a lot of different sports during my years growing up and the part which is most fun, for me, is the physical part. Maybe that’s why strength training, martial arts and endurance training is what seems to stick with me. Apart from exercising I like movies, TV-series, my motorbike, people and sleeping.