Emma Eriksson

Emma Eriksson

Emma Eriksson – Local trainee

M.Sc. Industrial and Management Engineering, Industrial logistics.
Luleå University of Technology


My name is Emma Eriksson and I grew up in a small town called Kramfors, which is situated in the mid-parts of Sweden. When I was young I spent most of my free time participating in different team sports, but lately I enjoy outdoor activities to a higher extent, mostly hiking and skiing in the Swedish mountains. I try to plan a few hiking trips every year since, in my opinion, there is no better way to relax.

My hometown has a long history in the forest industry and during a few summers I worked as an intern at a paper mill. It was during this time that my interest in production and logistics emerged. The entire production process, from raw material to final product fascinated me so I applied to a university program where I could learn more. I ended up at Luleå University of Technology and the Industrial and Management engineering program with focus on production systems and later on I did my Master of Science degree in Industrial Logistics.

Industrial and Management engineering is a program that gives a broad understanding of many different areas. A big part of the education is to work in projects, often in close contact with companies in the area. My studies gave me an overall understanding that I think is valuable when working with logistics. I also studied one semester in Glasgow, Scotland, which I really enjoyed. I got to meet a lot of new people from different countries and with different backgrounds.

During my final semester at the university it was time to decide the next step in my career. I soon realized that a graduate program was a good way for me to try different things and thus help me to figure out what I wanted to do. GKN´s program was a perfect fit because of its versatility and the opportunities to choose your own path within the company. It also meant that I would be able to use my degree to a large extent. I feel truly lucky to have been given the opportunity to participate in the graduate program.