Axel Granli

Axel Granli

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Energy and Environmental technologies.
Linköping University


My name is Axel Granli, and I originally come from the beautiful coastal town of Strömstad. However, I grew up in Gothenburg, where I spent my childhood and teenage years. I’ve also had the privilege of having a summer house in Bohuslän, which has given me a strong love for boats and the sea.

When I’m not at the summer house, I indulge in another favorite activity – golf. It’s one of my major leisure activities which provides me with an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.

After completing my high school education in Gothenburg, I spent four years working at a warehouse in the city. It was a valuable experience that taught me the importance of efficient logistics and teamwork.

In 2018, I made the decision to take the leap and move to Linköping for my university studies. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and have recently completed my master’s degree in Sustainability Engineering and Management. During my years in Linköping, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into topics related to sustainability and environmental engineering, which have challenged me and provided me with new perspectives on the world.

It was through last year’s trainee, Rasmus, that I learned about the trainee program at the Larm fair in Linköping. I am impressed by GKN Aerospace and what they represent in the industry. The flexibility, the possibility of international projects, and the chance to see the big picture of a global company truly piqued my interest.

I am now looking forward to taking on these challenges and opportunities and being a part of the trainee team in 2023!

Take care!

Axel Granli