Hampus Olsson

Hampus Olsson

Hampus Olsson – local trainee

MSE Mechanical Engineering, Computational Mechanics
Lund University

Hej! (Swedish, in English: “Hello”)

I was born in 1994 in a small coastal town called Ängelholm, right across from Denmark in southernmost Sweden. One fateful birthday my Dad gave me a Lego model of the Columbia space shuttle and thus my interest in technology was born. After high school I steered my course towards Lund University, to study mechanical engineering. Both the studies and the student life fit me perfectly and the hours of the day never seemed to be enough to partake in all the fun that was happening. Somehow, I still managed to both study and organize student music festivals and corporate events, act on stage with two musical clubs, to finally find a sport that I was good at (rock climbing!) and to work as TA for many of the courses in the bachelor’s program. During the summers I worked as a workshop technician and a mechanical designer at BorgWarner Inc., which manufactures components for the automotive industry.

Luckily, I was still friends with math after the bachelor’s and therefore chose to pursue a master’s in computational mechanics, with some additional courses in management and design sprinkled on top. At this point, I thought I’d seen what Lund had to give in terms of student life and decided to study abroad for a semester in Sydney. “Down under” I fell in love with traveling and the outdoors (it’s hard to stand unaffected after surfing with a school of dolphins). My interest in aerospace was also reawakened while taking courses in satellite- and aircraft design. After returning to Sweden I started to look for the next opportunity to go abroad. This led me to write my master’s thesis at University of Maryland in the US, where I set up a simulation strategy to predict emission levels in an experimental “green” gas turbine combustor. I also started thinking about what the next step in life would be and came upon an ad for the GKN Aerospace trainee program. The combination of advanced technology, freedom to pursue broad competence and the possibility to work internationally seemed perfectly tailored to my preferences, so here I am!