Are you interested in writing your thesis at GKN Aerospace Sweden? In the list below you can find the current proposals that are available. The contact person for each thesis can be found in the document. For other questions please contact

Master Thesis – Improving the analysis process

Master Thesis – Technologies for customized development of people

Master Thesis – Manufacturing uncertainty and variation in multidisciplinary design studies for aerospace components

Master Thesis – Tolerance design methods to meet Zero defect requirements on aerospace components

Master Thesis – Deep learning tool to resolve grain size analysis for LPBF H282

Master Thesis – Sustainability assessment of repair services on aerospace components using Additive Manufacturing

Master Thesis – Load Path Visualization in Engine Structures

Master Thesis – Development of strength models for adhesive hybrid joints

Master Thesis – Production flow simulation of future factories with flexible automation cells

Master Thesis – Balancing Mechanical Properties with Heat Treatment Selection

Master Thesis – Power Electronics for Engine to Aircraft Electric Supply System

Master Thesis – Heat treatment of Nickel super alloy (VDM 780)

Master Thesis – Optimized heat treatment of cast Nickel-based super alloy

Master Thesis – Cutting tool wear: data acquisition and automation of wear measurements on endmills

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