Elin Lindberg

Elin Lindberg

M.Sc in Industrial Management and Engineering, Industrial Logistics.
Luleå University of Technology

Hi there!

My name is Elin Lindberg, born in 1995 in Piteå, Norrbotten, where I grew up experiencing “real” winters and believing that summer nights are supposed to be long and bright. My early years in this city, which largely revolved around paper mills, led me to start studying at Luleå University of Technology (LTU). Yes, it was possible to move even further north.

My time at LTU can be described in one simple word: Engaged. Engaged in my studies as I have a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, with a minor in Construction and Civil Engineering Systems and a major in Industrial Logistics. Engaged within the program unit where I served on the board as the head of the Social Unit. Engaged in student life where I worked voluntarily at the school’s nightclub for several years. I was also engaged as a coordinator for the Welcoming committee. In other words, my time at university has been full of exciting learning experiences in various forms.

After graduating, I aimed to begin my career with a Trainee position, preferably with the opportunity for international rotation. I was also ready to spread my wings beyond the borders of Norrbotten, so I chose to only apply for jobs south of Gävle. Knowing that many former LTU students had joined GKN’s Trainee program in Trollhättan, I knew that this opportunity existed. The position felt interesting and promising, therefore I applied and now I am one of seven newly hired Trainees in Trollhättan.

My first months in the city have been great and show potential. However, I am still unsure about how I will feel about the southern “winters.”

Take care until next time.

// Elin Lindberg