Martin Appelqvist

Martin Appelqvist

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering.
Linköping University

My name is Martin Appelqvist. My journey started in Borlänge and led me to Linköping University, where I focused on mechanical engineering. I specialized in aeronautics and aerodynamics before ending up in the beautiful city of Trollhättan.

I prefer spending my free time outdoors in nature, either fishing or hiking. I’ve always had a keen interest in aviation, especially military aviation, and have been attending airshows since my childhood. This passion made the decision easy when choosing my master’s degree – aeronautical engineering.

After completing my 3 years of high school in technology, I headed to Linköping to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because of its broad foundation where no doors are closed. Moreover, the field aligns well with my interest in technology and machines. The decision for my master’s degree was, as mentioned, straightforward – the passion for aviation and the opportunity to work in this field attracted me.

I heard about the opportunity to apply for this trainee position through previous trainee Rasmus at a fair in Linköping and applied immediately! What appealed to me the most about the program was the bridge it provided between studies and work, something I had been searching for. It allows you to explore different aspects of a large company to find what suits you best. The opportunity to network and experience other cultures through six months of international service was also a significant advantage of this position!

Hope to see you soon!

Best regards, Martin Appelqvist