Per-Emil Svensson

Per-Emil Svensson

M.Sc in Industrial Management and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Product Innovation.
Blekinge Institute of Technology

Hello, Let me introduce myself!

My name is Per-Emil Svensson, and I grew up in the small Swedish town of Båstad, where I had the opportunity to enjoy nature and an active lifestyle. Much of my childhood was dedicated to activities by the sea, as well as interests in cars, golf, and various ski trips.

My academic journey took me to Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, where I studied for a Master of Science in Industrial Management and Engineering with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering. The combination of these subjects has been very exciting for me. A product has to be innovated and produced, however, its true potential lies within the business model.

A memorable moment during my studies was in my fourth year when I had the opportunity to do an exchange program in the fantastic Italian city of Milan. There, I met many friendly people and, of course, indulged in the delicious food and rich culture.

In my fifth and final year of academic studies, I had the opportunity to work on a project at Stanford University in the USA. Alongside a group of motivated individuals, I developed a product for Volvo CE & Volvo Trucks. Additionally, I experienced the unique work culture of Silicon Valley and made friends for life.

Much of what I’ve mentioned so far led me to GKN Aerospace. I was determined to join a Global Graduate program within an interesting industry, and this program checked all the boxes. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to participate.

I’m now looking forward to new challenges and am excited to be a part of GKN Aerospace. It will be exciting to explore different parts of the business, but most importantly, to meet new people and grow together with my fellow graduates!

Hope to see you soon!

Best regards, Per-Emil Svensson