What does former young graduates think?

What does former young graduates think?

Read what Maria, Christo, Daniel and Martin (four of our former young graduates) thought about being one of GKN Aerospace Sweden’s (at the time Volvo Aero’s) young graduates.

Martin Wänblom (MW), Industrial Engineering, Linköping University (Young graduate of 1996)
Daniel Borovic (DB), Mechanical Engineering with specialization of lightweight structures, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Young graduate of 2008)
Maria Stavered (MS), Mechanical Engineering with specialization of product development and logistics, University West and Chalmers University of Technology (Young graduate of 2005)
Christo Dordlofva (CD), Space- and aviation technology, Luleå University of Technology (Young graduate of 2009)

What did you think was the best part of being a young graduate?
MW: “The chance to see and understand the whole company, form contacts at the internships, get friends within the young graduate group and the others in Flying*.”
DB: “The opportunity to get to know yourself better through personal development.”
MS: “All the opportunities that are given within the education and the fact that you are an employee at the company from the first day. You also get a whole view of the company and its culture. You create a wide network which you will benefit from in your future career.”
CD: “What I mainly have taken with me is the understanding of how a company is run and which functions all the different departments have. Further, to be able to try out different working areas has contributed to insight within these departments. This, together with study visits at other companies, has given me a great introduction to the company life of Sweden and a good foundation of my network. The young graduate group was also a good way of making new friends quickly at my new workplace and the friendship we built within the group is still lasting.”

*Flying is GKN Aerospace Sweden’s own young graduate association, where all current and former young graduates are members.

What did you think of the young graduate program?
MW: “It was excellent!”
DB: “It was a good collection of contacts and company knowledge to bring to the assignment that waits after the young graduate program.”
MS: “Very good, it has given me a good foundation in my future career within the company. The young graduate program is a strong brand and it is clear that the company has actively worked with it for a long time.”
CD: “For me, it was obvious to apply for a young graduate program and I had already during my time as a student noticed GKN Aerospace Sweden (formerly Volvo Aero). The program in whole was to me very successful. I could choose which areas I wanted to see more of, this gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in the parts of the company I was the most interested in.”

What is your best memory of being a young graduate?
MW: “The group exercises with Bengt Isberg – those were really useful!”
DB: “When I during my internship abroad had the chance to go for a flight in General Electric’s test aircraft Boeing 747 in Victorville, Mojave Desert in California, United States”
MS: “All the positive internal and external contacts/meetings during study visits and the leadership education.”
CD: “My most memorable moments come from meetings with interesting people inside and outside the company. We were given the opportunity to discuss with people in leading positions of several of the large companies of Sweden, and to hear their stories and get their advice was very inspiring. Also, it was really cool to unbolt a RM12 engine to a JAS 39 Gripen and put it back together.”

What kind of work do you do today?
MW: “I work with business development, marketing, negotiation and customer and contract care.”
DB: “I recently became the analytic leader in a composite project. I plan and lead the analytic work and perform different kinds of strength analysis of fan structures in composite for civilian engines.”
MS: “I work with efficiency according to the Lean concept within product development.”
CD: “I am a construction leader within the Vinci project to one of the turbines we develop for the future engines of the European rocket program Ariane. The work includes leading a team of engineers from different disciplines to secure and verify that our product fulfills its function. I have also the technical contact with our customer in France which gives me the extra motivation.”

What is the best part of your job?
MW: “The closeness to our customers and the opportunity to influence the development of the company.”
DB: “The challenges that constantly emerge in my tasks – problem solving is fun!”
MS: “To be part of the development of a business in a short and long term perspective. To work with changes according to Lean, with strong connections to the business. Everyone’s positive attitude towards changes. To be the ‘spider in the web’.”
CD: “That I get to work with exactly what interests me and that I have a close contact with the rest of the European space industry.”

Why do you think that anyone should apply to the young graduate program of GKN Aerospace Sweden?
MW: “It is an amazing opportunity to get to know a highly technological company in a business which has a steady and long-term growth.”
DB: “You get a really good start at the company with a lot of bonus opportunities, compared to an ordinary employment. Contacts, better self-awareness, good courses, a view into the corporate world via study visits and internships abroad. Further, I appreciated the great freedom that was given to form my own way through the program as a young graduate at GKN Aerospace Sweden. I have the feeling that this is already set at other young graduate programs.”
MS: “A strong brand, attractive, large potential for development, a good base and a strong network in an exciting and developing business.”
CD: “After meeting several young graduate groups from different companies, I think the design of the GKN Aerospace Sweden young graduate program, with great opportunity to affect your internships and with focus on study visits, is very successful. Personal development is a constant theme throughout the whole program and this has been very rewarding since I still benefit from this. If you want to undertake a young graduate program you definitely should take a look at ours, since we work in an exciting and highly technological business that brings you challenges every day!”

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