Oskar Westerlund

Oskar Westerlund

B.Sc. Automation and Mechatronics, M.Sc. Systems, Controls and Mechatronics.
Chalmers University of Technology


My name is Oskar Westerlund, I am 26 years old, and I am from Trollhättan. Early in my upbringing, I was introduced to the sport of badminton, which became my passion for the next 16 years of my life. To the extent that I took three sabbatical years to play badminton professionally. Now that I am too stiff and old to play badminton, I pursue other interests such as motorcycles, sailing, golf, and surfing.

I have had an interest in technology since childhood, which may stem from my passion for motors. After my three sabbatical years, it felt natural to pursue engineering, specifically a Master’s in Automation and Mechatronics at Chalmers. The program was comprehensive, covering everything from programming to mechanics. During my time at Chalmers, I got involved in a career association where I held the role of project manager for the ZMART fair. It was a rewarding experience where I had the opportunity to take on a leadership role and organize the event.

An interest in economics and business development drove me to decide to pursue and complete a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the School of business economics and law in Gothenburg during this period.

My curiosity to explore the world led me to do an exchange semester in Scotland. It was an opportunity to deepen my knowledge while experiencing a different culture. I even had the chance to try the famous deep-fried Mars bar, a unique taste experience to say the least.

Being from Trollhättan, I was familiar with GKN, but it wasn’t until my time at Chalmers that I learned about their trainee program. I saw it as a unique opportunity to explore different roles within an impressive industry and an established company like GKN. Now that I am here, I am looking forward to exciting challenges and a lot of learning within this fascinating industry with great future prospects.

Hope to see you.