Toni Katana

Toni Katana

IMG_1231Master of Science with a major in Production Systems, specialization Production Development and Management. School of Engineering, Jönköping

I was born in 1989 and grew up in Trollhättan. In high school, I attended the Volvo Aero program, an in-house high school program in the aviation industry. I was studying and working along for three years in different departments of production. After high school I worked for a year at Volvo Aero within thermal spraying before I started studying Industrial Engineering at University West.

Besides all the interesting things one can do as a student, I had the opportunity to perform various assignments for companies around Trollhattan, including Volvo Aero with Lean implementation. Something else worth mentioning is that I got the chance start and develop Intize Trollhättan, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to increase the interest and knowledge in mathematics for high school students that is still active today.

After the bachelor, I realized that production is something I am passionate about and therefore applied to Jönköping University. An interest in product rollover developed during the master. Regarding the master thesis, my partner and I develop a decision model for planning the product rollover within a manufacturing company. This opened up the door to the academic world ​​and we continued to develop the thesis during the summer and wrote a scientific article that will be published in a journal next year.

My interest in the aerospace industry made me return to GKN Aerospace and work with product introduction. The trainee program was a great opportunity to try out various departments and to experience their perspective on the process of new product introduction.

During leisure time I work out at the gym and in a crossfit box. I also spend time with family and friends.