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Month: September 2016

Reflections from the office

Reflections from the office

It´s now time for the next member of the graduate group to write his first blog post. If you would like to know more about me and why I now find myself here at GKN Aerospace there is more to read under the Our young graduates-tab.

In contrast to the previous blogger David and the rest of my fellow young graduates, I have not spent the last two weeks on the shop floor. Because I’ve already, before my university studies, been working a year with the service of jet engines, I instead get the opportunity to start ahead of time at my home department.

My placement is at the manufacturing engineering within the civil markets. This department mainly consists of product engineers and project managers. To state it shortly, everything we do aims at achieving a high quality production with the best possible efficiency. As an example my department develops new production concepts and investigates which equipment that needs to be obtained when a new product is put into production. Close collaboration with our suppliers regarding quality and technical specifications is also a continuously ongoing project. Another very important part in our commitment is process monitoring, in order to ensure the best possible quality.

One very interesting technical tool that I´ve been working with during my first two weeks is inspection with the help of 3D-scanning. This means that the actual part is scanned and modelled in all three dimension with very good accuracy (down to one thousand of a millimeter!). The created virtual model is then compared with the corresponding CAD-model to ensure the supreme product quality. A very fascinating technique to say the least, which you can learn more about in the short video at this link:

The first weeks at GKN Aerospace have been very exciting and I´ve already learned a lot. I now look forward to encounter much more technics during my coming weeks at my home department. First though, a so called activity week awaits us young graduates during which we, among many other things, will visit other companies in the aerospace business. Read more about these adventures in the upcoming posts!

A first update

A first update

Hi! This is my first post here at the blog. From now on I will share information that I find interesting, from my work as well as activates related to work. Please take your time to read my introduction under Our young graduates if you are interested in my journey to become a GKN graduate.

How have the first weeks at GKN been then? It´s been exiting, informative and fun. So far I am most impressed by the pride all employees has for the products produced here in Trollhattan, from shifts to mangers. I couldn’t even imagine that!

Soon I will start my time at the “home” department. In my case it will be at the same department for all my six month here at GKN Aerospace and the department is called Programs. Programs are easiest described as small companies within the company. In my case the Program are responsible for all activities related to Rolls-Royce. To get a better understanding for these products my time in the factory has been focused on these products. Last week I followed the morning shift in the factory, learning about lathing and milling.

This week I have continued by visiting the operations taking place right before the products are ready to be shipped of. It has been a tight schedule but time has been wisely spread over the past weeks.

Last but not least I would like to thank all of my colleagues that I have met in the production so far. You are all making a great job!!

30 Years Anniversary

30 Years Anniversary

Hi and welcome to a new year with the Aeroblog!

Since the start in 1986, we have now reached a year where the graduate program celebrates its thirtieth birthday. The familiar reader might also deduce that it is time to install a new group of Graduate Engineers for 2016/17. For this year, the program has undertaken a new development in extending the overall program length from twelve to sixteen months. And beyond the original five positions in the GKN Aerospace Sweden’s program, we this year have an additional contribution of two participant from GKN’s International Graduate Program (IGP). You can see us on the updated banner at the top of the page. If you wish to find out more about us, please click on the following link

After the first week’s introduction, we are now undergoing a two week internship in different manufacturing facilities. We are thereby striving to learn more about the products and processes that we manufacture and apply here in Trollhättan. More about these two weeks will be elaborated in the following posts.

Shortly, we will also be able to present our side mission of the year, a more thorough presentation about ourselves, and of course a great mixture of exciting people and experiences that we will cross path with on our journey.

Lastly, it is with a warm heart and deep respect we gratefully thank the Graduate Engineers of 2015/16, and we wish you the best of luck on your future carriers!


See you soon!

Young Graduates 2016/17