Are you interested in writing your thesis at GKN Aerospace Sweden? In the list below you can find the current proposals that are available. The contact person for each thesis can be found in the document.

Not finding any thesis proposal sparkling your interest?  Do you have a thesis proposal of your own?  Please contact us at for questions or proposals.

Master Thesis – Effect of Nozzle Powder Flow in DED-Powder Depositions

Master Thesis – Automatic update of the virtual model of a flexible automation cell

Master Thesis – Evaluation of transmission for jet engine auxiliaries

Master Thesis – Weld misalignment and its effect on fatigue life

Master Thesis – Modelling of bead shape and overlap for simulation of additive manufacturing

Master Thesis – Effect of Tool-Part Interaction in Composite Manufacturing Simulations and
DoE Analysis

Master Thesis – Machine Learning to Explore Process and Inspection Data to Support
Additive Manufacturing

Master Thesis – Load Path Visualization in Engine Structures

Master Thesis – Validation and Continuous Improvement of Machine Learning Models for Industrial Image Processing

Master Thesis – Increased Crack Propagation Threshold

Master Thesis – Study of method for determining flange leakage and design of test set up

Master Thesis – Simulation of Creep Deformation In Aero Engine Addtive Manufactured Components

Master Thesis – Aircraft Mission Analysis In NPSS

Master Thesis – Compressor Map Extension

Master Thesis – Improving the analysis process

Master Thesis – Manufacturing uncertainty and variation in multidisciplinary design studies for aerospace components

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