Prolonged rotation with focus on the material flow

Prolonged rotation with focus on the material flow

The global project within manufacturing engineering, as I mentioned in previous post, is proceeding according to plan. To create opportunities and to improve the robustness of our processes, we need to secure knowledge and therefore a number of courses have been available for the entire Manufacturing Engineering function this week. As part of the global project, I have been part of a planning team whose aim was to plan the training week. Courses that have been offered are, for example, statistical process control, problem solving and risk analysis just to name a few. I had the opportunity to attend several courses. The courses contained both theory and practical exercises.

During the trainee period, the plan is to gain knowledge in new product introduction and to work as a manufacturing engineer after the trainee period. The first rotation was supposed to only be in my home department that is responsible for new product introduction. But that is not the case anymore. I will now be involved in the product’s entire material flow from supplier to finished product, and will have one 12 week shared rotation at my home department and the supply chain department. This is to gain an understanding of how we manage the supplier network and how the material flows from suppliers to GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan and how we then manufacture the product before delivery to the customer. At the supply chain department I will work with supplier quality assurance because some suppliers have difficulty supplying components to the right quality and/or quantity. Therefore, we need to develop a plan to ensure what needs to be done at the suppliers to get the desired outcome.

More about my different projects will be available in following posts.

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