School and blog visitors

School and blog visitors

What a day! We have student visitors from Linköping University and the blog has thirteen thousand five hundred subscribers. The students are here for a concluding part of a course (Turbine engines), and to present their projects. Together, we’ve also had a guided tour of the production, talked about the company and our work here in Trollhättan and fikat with engineers.

Happy about the visitors (ms paint disidentification B-])

What was I about to write? Oh yeah! The number of subscribers of the blog has reached the astrological sum of thirteen thousand five hundred! Subscribers are, as we understand it, followers of the blog who opted to receive email every time a new post is published. Although the number is hard to grasp, we’re very happy that so many people showed interest in the blog, during the few years it’s existed! Thank you for subscribing, reading and/or caring!


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