Working with export control

Working with export control

Working with the RM12 Engine is inspiring! I have now had the pleasure to work with the RM12 Engine for about four weeks and it feels like the pieces are slowly starting to fall into place. I am mainly working on two different projects related to the RM12, export control issues and Spare part optimization. I have mainly been focusing on the export control issues, which is an area that I am totally unfamiliar with. This of course makes it challenging but also simultaneously very inspiring to explore. My coworkers are doing their best to help me understand these processes by supporting me with necessary information and guidance.

So what is export control then? Export control is related to products with the potential to be used in applications that are designed or modified for the space and military industry, dual use products, products which may be used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction and those with suspicion to be used in embargo countries. This basically means that products or information related to these products cannot be exported without permission from the supplier’s country of origin. For instance, you are not allowed to convey information to your supplier related to specific a product without having a specific license in place. The same applies for physical transportations. You may not perceive this process as extensively complex, but its rather dynamic as classifications changes due to the Obama Export Control Reform, new products are introduce and licenses needed to be updated.

My task is initially to map all products regulated by export control and the product classification in order to visualize which license these products needs to be exported under. The classification information is possessed by the supplier. I will also take part in creating export control user training for employees within the Military Value Stream. On top of this I will “walk the process”, from order to delivery, in order to obtain a holistic view of the “export control process”.

I can also gladly announce that the planning process for the second activity week is completed 🙂 We are going to visit Snecma, France and Fokker (recently acquired by GKN), Netherland. You will get more details about this trip in the near future 🙂

Take care!

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