To GAN and beyond

To GAN and beyond

Hey again! The weeks fly by and the working tasks involving both the trainee project and department issues are in full swing. I myself am involved in a project where a TEC (Turbine Exhaust Case) has been modified to increase its life expectancy and producibility. The project is now in a review phase where concerning parts and the production processes are examined. The review process is a way to ensure that the product characteristics meet design intent throughout the production process.

Through this project I together with other Engineers involved in the project received the honor of traveling to GKN in Norway, also called GAN (GKN Aerospace Norway). As we may have mentioned GKN Aerospace Engine System are located in four places, namely in Sweden, Norway, Mexico and the United States. Anyways, it was very educational to meet all the experienced Norwegians, even if it sometimes was really hard to hear what they were actually conversing about. You could probably imagine how hard it was trying to understand a design engineer talking Norwegian when you barely can make sense of the technical linguistic here at Trollhättan in Sweden.

Just as GAS (GKN Aerospace Sweden), GAN produces shafts, vanes and cases. With over 500 employees and 30 years of experience within the aviation industry GAN constitutes an important part of GKN. Otherwise, I need to add that Kongsberg gave me some good vibes. I could see myself live and work there for some time provided I received equal pay as the Norwegians. Norway is, as you may know, very expensive to live in.

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