Commercial department!

Commercial department!

Greetings readers!

This week is the third week of our third departments as trainees. I am now stationed at the commercial military department. When I mention this to friends it is common for them to think I’m working with commercials, which is not the case. At the commercial department we work with business, customer relations, contracts, strategy and so on.

The assignment I have been given is a piece of the puzzle for ground work of the long term strategy of the company. So far it’s been very interesting. It took me a while before I understood what it was I was actually supposed to do. Then it took me a while more before I received the necessary materials to start working on it. Now I’ve started, and I already have some (very) preliminary results to show, which the management found very interesting. So even if I can’t tell you much more at the moment it feels like I’m on the right track and it feels good to have gotten started in this new department.

As a relatively new employee at this company I feel it’s hard to determine what I’m allowed to speak about, especially when working in the military parts of the organization. This is why the answers to questions about what I do at work (and this blog post) sometimes becomes quite cryptic. I hope this gets better with time and that I will have a better understanding about what I’m allowed to say and not. For now I’ll have to just use cryptic answers or not answer at all. The main thing to take away is anyway that the new department feels good and it feels like I’m doing something useful with my time here so far.

Over and out,

Joakim Åhman

Ps Today we trainees has been on a visit to Skaraborgs Flygflottilj (Swedish air force base), F7. Very exciting! Extra exciting for me I think, as my home department is within the military organization here at GKN. There will be a blog entry about this tomorrow or early next week. ds

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