Being on a journey towards something

Being on a journey towards something

Hi again

Just as the current placement is reaching its end, its soon time for the next. On my next rotation, I will spend some time within the quality department. I’m sure it will be a dear revisit to some of the fields I have currently studied and worked with in my previous summer employments.

During this week, we had another visit from some school pupils through the Topp initiative. It was a nice field visit with a facility tour, presentations and lunch.

In next week, it’s time for another activity week for the graduates. This time we will be heading for Germany for some exciting company visits. We will visit GKN Aerostructures, MTU, GKN Sinter Metals, Volkswagen and Airbus. More regarding what we saw and experienced at our visits is promised to be presented in the following posts.

Next thing on the horizon is to plan the internship abroad. It seems like all the graduates are heading to different places. Personally, I am really looking forward to this adventure and all the experiences that are sure to come with it. Most of the graduates are on the final stage of confirming their placement, and I’m sure that more information will be presented in the posts that follow in the next weeks.

Lastly, for the employees at Trollhättan: Remember to keep an eye open for all the presentations of the master thesis researches conducted at site. The graduates have successively been meeting the thesis researches through lunches and other activities. And from what I’ve heard, I’m sure there are numerous of interesting and exciting presentation pending in the next few weeks with a lot of educative conclusions and discoveries.




Made a fun reflection of the year that has passed. To finish school and enter the working life has really had a tremendous impact on the daily life. Not just from switching lectures to the office on the daily schedule, but more on the experiences that comes with it. After a quick recap, perhaps with a lack of accuracy, I calculated that I have traveled to 9 countries which resulted in a length of over 3000 metric miles. It should be added that this is not solely through work, vacation trips have added a significant share to that number. But the point is that it has created a life, so rich of experiences which I could barely imagine when a sat in the school lectures just about a year ago. So when I pack my bags for the next trip to Germany, you might wonder what rouses my excitement. I will try to answer that question by ending this post with a quotation of being on a journey towards something.


I’m not running away.

But this is one corner,

of one country, on one continent,

on one planet that’s …

never staying the same for a single millisecond.

And there is so, so much to see.

Because it goes so fast,

I’m not running away from things,

I’m running to them before they flare and fade forever” – Doctor Who

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