Thanks and good bye!

Thanks and good bye!

Our year as young graduates at GKN Aerospace has been raging fast, but even so we have experienced incredibly much along the way! We have come to know a vast number of different departments, people and roles at Sweden’s largest (and finest!) aerospace company. We have visited other sites within the GKN plc. group and countless other exciting companies within Sweden as well as in Europe. We have gained contact with and been inspired by the most fascinating people in all possible fields of work and business roles. We have traveled hundreds of pleasant miles in our minibus and, most importantly, we have become a lovely new little family and friends for life!

Therefore, it is not without sorrow that we now leave room for a new year of enthusiastic youngsters. On Monday this week, a new group of GKN graduates started their journey and we welcome them to our comapny with open hearts. You readers of the blog will soon get the chance to know them better as well.

But do not worry too much about losing us. We promise to return in a near future with exciting guest posts from our upcoming international practices.

Until then – thanks and good bye from the graduates of 2016-2017!

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