New year, new department and new thesis workers

New year, new department and new thesis workers

Hi again everyone,

It’s been a while since last time, so I was thinking that I would give you a small update of what has happened since then.

I have completed my projects during my first rotation at purchasing and now started at my new department, which is none less than Logistics Development! Here I have Martin as a manager, who actually is a former trainee. He knows everything about GKN and is a master of both excel and simulation tools, so I learn a lot only by being here. At logistics development I am currently working with two different projects:

For my first project, I will draft a layout for a department at the company to simplify packaging management. I will also review the fixture storage and see how we can streamline all this to make it easier for operators.

In my second project, we aim to optimize our industrial structure throughout our site in Trollhättan. I therefore work a lot with flow and coating data, trying to connect this to quality data, and identify any bottlenecks in production. It is similar to some kind of data mining, which I have never worked with = super exciting!

In addition to our rotations, we also have a little extra responsibility for all new thesis workers who come to GKN. Yes, you heard right, you can do your master’s thesis at GKN! In fact, many employees at GKN have actually started their career here as thesis workers and then continued as either trainees or took a permanent position. So if you have not finished your studies yet and are looking for a thesis placement, GKN is an excellent option.

Right now we have a total of 25 thesis workers here who write their theses in different areas. Quality development, AM, industry 4.0 and welding operations are just a few examples of all the exciting focus areas you can dig into. Many of the students who come to GKN for their master’s thesis do not have any connection to Trollhättan but have a burning interest for the aerospace industry. Many therefore travel all across the country to do their theses at GKN. Some come two and two while others come completely alone, and it is our mission to make them feel welcome here. We do this by arranging a thesis lunch every other week and also organizing other activities outside of work every now and then. Many of the thesis workers started last week or the week before that, so we took the opportunity to organize an AW this Tuesday. We met at a tapas restaurant in Trollhättan where we ate lots of good food and got to know each other. We were over 20 people who stayed until late at night. A well-organized event can be said, and more will come!

After work with the new thesis workers


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