Visit from GKN at GKN

Visit from GKN at GKN

We had the pleasure of meeting Didunoluwa Obilanade, a graduate from GKN Aerospace in Filton! He works with AM and has been in Sweden for a classified project. We will actually meet him again in a few weeks when we’re going to England.

I think Didunoluwa thought it was nice to meet us too, he wrote this on Yammer:

“Back in Filton AMC after a great week learning from the Prometheus Engine team in Trollhättan. Whilst I was in Sweden I arranged to meet with the GKN Trollhättan Trainees, my Swedish counterparts. They hosted me with some delightful ‘Fika’ as we discussed the range of project work that we’ve been doing during our graduate schemes, how they differ and the importance of taking time like this to network and learn about the activities of our sites. In fact two of the trainees are currently on the American GKN graduate program, doing their international placement in Sweden, hence this was a very global graduate networking session. The Trollhättan trainees will be visiting the UK sites in March and I’m much looking forward to hosting them during their visit to the GKN Bristol sites.”

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