Life at business development

Life at business development

Hi dear blog readers,

May month, summer is here and it has now been 8 months since we started our trainee program. Time flies! I am now on my third trainee rotation, which unfortunately is coming to an end.

After trying out purchasing, logistics development and seeing some of our production, I was curious about how we think about our future business, so for me it was natural to do this rotation within Business Development. During the past weeks I have been focusing on the Asian market, where a lot of work is done concentrated on business intelligence, creating relations and negotiating various types of agreements. This is done with aim on countries such as India, China, Japan, Korea, etc. During my trainee rotation, I have been involved in working on an exciting business opportunity for GKN, which has been really fun. I have learned a lot about export control, that is, what is legal to deliver or manufacture in which places of the world. I have also worked with our technology department which has been fun to get a more technical approach to the business opportunity. As you may understand, future business opportunities include sensitive information and are therefore secret for now. I cannot go into detail, but if this deal is sealed, I promise you will hear about it.

Now, we are all preparing for our next activity week which starts on Sunday. Italy is the destination and we have many exciting company visits planned. Hopefully we will have good weather and be able to have one or two gelatos between the visits, yummy!



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