Study visit in Såtenäs

Study visit in Såtenäs

Hey everyone!

Last Tuesday the 2021 cohort  invited us to follow them to a study visit at the Skaraborg wing, F7, located in Såtenäs which is a small town just outside of Trollhättan. F7 is a military unit and a very important air base to the Swedish Armed Forces where all Jas 39 Gripen pilots are trained.

The morning at F7 was spent at the workshops where we got an insight into what kind of work is done on the planes after several hours of usage. After lunch we got to learn more about weapons the different planes can be equipped with which was very interesting since this was untouched territory for some of us. Before we driving back to Trollhättan we got to see several Gripen planes land, refuel and then take off again. A very cool experience to say the least!

A huge thank you to the employees at the Skaraborg wing, F7 who arranged this awesome study visit for us. Also, thank you to the 2021 cohort who let us come to the study visit with them. <3

This was all for now. Until next time…

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