Activity week

Activity week

The time has come for me, Linn, to make my first contribution to this blog. If you want to know more about me you can find the presentation on this webpage.

The three first weeks in Trollhättan has been extremely educational and fun. It has been a lot of introductions and a short internship in the factory. Now we’re all out on an activity week. At the moment, we’re on a field trip which started out in Linköping where we visited a company called CybAero. A very interesting company that develops and manufactures unmanned helicopters, so called VTOL RPAS (Vertical Take Off and Landing Remotely Piloted Aircraft System). These can for example be used for surveillance of power lines or in marine search operations. It was fascinating to learn about their technology and business as well as to learn their story as an expanding company. Below one can see a photo of us trainees together with Rasmus Lundqvist from CybAero and two helicopter models.IMG_7345

On day number two, we visited Stockholm and GKN Public Affairs (PA) whose office is situated in the city center of Stockholm. PA can be described as the relationship between the organization and stakeholders. These stakeholders can for example be politicians, decision makers, customers and business organizations. One explains organizational policies and views in order to improve the organization’s ability to operate successfully. Hannes Carl Borg and Stefan Hjort at PA gave us an introduction to their work and pointed out that one should always remember that the activity at GKN is highly affected by political decisions, especially regarding the military and space activities. Below you can see a picture from Stockholm of the whole group of Graduate Engineers together with our hosts Hannes Carl Borg and Stefan Hjort.Tändstickspalatset

I would like to use this moment in order to thank both Rasmus Lundqvist at CybAero and Hannes Carl Borg and Stefan Hjort at Public Affairs GKN Aerospace Engine Systems for two very interesting and educational visits. Next stop is SAS HQ, you will hear more about our visit there in the next blog post.

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