Seven weeks later…

Seven weeks later…

Seven weeks have already passed since I started at GKN Aerospace. My first rotation is at a department responsible for the introduction of new products, estimating cost for new businesses and global projects within GKN Aerospace Engine Systems. It’s at this department where I will start working after the trainee-period.

During the seven weeks I had two assignments. The first assignment is a part of a global project within manufacturing engineering, which aims to enhance delivery precision and cost reduction of poor quality by improving the robustness of our processes and to work in a standardized way throughout the Aerospace division. The second assignment is regarding control reduction of a newly introduced high volume product. The aim is to show that the process is stable enough to remove a control operation.

Yesterday the workshop period ended with a tour of the different workshops. All trainees got to show where they have been working during the workshop period and which value streams they have followed. It was extremely rewarding to share the experiences from various parts of the business and I believe that the experience gained will most likely come in handy during the rest of the trainee period.

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