Update from a materials engineer

Update from a materials engineer

After last week’s activities, first as representative of GKN Aerospace on the career fair THS Armada and then on a course together with my group, I am now back at the office. This week was my first week at the new department, I’ve moved in with my dear trainee colleague Daniel at Supply Chain. For about seven weeks I will follow the work at the department, mainly together with my supervisor who’s working as SQA (Supplier Quality Assurance). I am looking forward to this rotation and the new challenges. Parallel to that, I’ve also scheduled a study visit on site for Chalmers Aerospace Club, the visit took place Friday 27th of November, the effort to organize has been very educational and fun. I’ve been talking to many new colleagues here at GKN and learned a lot about our export control regulations.

This was a short update. Maybe you’ll get a new update from me this week since I’ll be out on a business trip.

/ Linn

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