Department day

Department day

Now I have slowly shifted over to work with the Aerodynamics Engineers in our department. Working with aerodynamics at a design department often involves the study of fluid flows using different programs. This is necessary to obtain information such as temperature, pressure, density and velocity of fluids, but also to optimize the profile of our products and minimize turbulence and pressure drops. Thursday last week my department (Hot structures) had a full day of activities outside GKN. The aim of the day was that the employees of Hot structures would get to know one another a little better, but also to clarify the department’s goals and strategies for the coming year and that these are in synergy with the company’s vision. After the group exercises and presentations the day was to end with a badminton tournament.

Because I’m the youngest in my department and the majority of my colleagues have a birth date as old as GKN itself (around the mid-1700s) the prognosis was good. However, after an extremely even group stage where I managed to advance on pure luck I unfortunately saw myself defeated in the quarter finals. Ironically, my opponent to beat me was our Aero Lead Engineer, the one I’ve been working with the last two weeks. The tournament itself was finally won by the department head, and whether that was a coincidence or not we leave unsaid.

I’m impressed by my colleagues showing both fighting spirit and good health not only on the badminton field but also in the daily work at GKN. Now we look forward to an exciting week of activities which takes us on a Europe trip!

My lovely colleagues at the department of Hot Structures!

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