New upcoming work placement!

New upcoming work placement!

Good day blog-readers!

The time on our first work placements is soon over. It’s just one week left until we change placements to our new departments. My new department will be procurement, with a focus on R&T (Research and Technology). Currently I know very little about procurement and economics, but I look forward to learning about it. As I don’t have much knowledge of the subject the plan is for me to act as a shadow to an procurement leader. I suspect I will be a “fly on the wall” (is that an expression in English?) in meetings etc.

I start at procurement the 19th of December, but I have already made a surreptitious start. The other day I was invited by Anders Wikman (the procurement leader whom I will follow) to a meeting with a potential future supplier. Who am I to decline, I thought, and so I joined in. So yesterday we went on a day trip to meet the company. As described above, my knowledge of procurement is very limited and it was hard for me to know what I should look for in this supplier. Nevertheless I was brought into the conversation and apart from the experience being very interesting and fun, I also feel like a learnt a few things. I hope more supplier meetings will follow. I am a bit tense but also very stoked about my upcoming time at procurement!

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