Hot weeks at Hot Structures

Hot weeks at Hot Structures

Hello there blog readers,

My name is Philip and now I finally have the opportunity to put my enthusiastic thoughts on paper, or out across the internet rather, by writing my first blogpost about my initial weeks at GKN Aerospace Engine Systems here in Trollhättan, Sweden. If you would like to know more about who I am, and my background, please feel free to have a closer look here. Regardless, I can introduce myself as a global trainee in GKNs International Graduate Program (IGP) and thus far the possibilities as a trainee in a global company seems great.

As an International Graduate I have currently landed at the department of Hot Structures for civilian jet engines, which means that I will spend the following six months here participating in differing projects and learning about the organization. For those of you not sure of what the department entails; the department name is Hot Structures because we design, analyze and participate in the entire chain for the products related to the hottest parts of a jet engine – that can go upwards temperatures of 800 degrees Celsius. The entire business area and organization of civilian jet engines is fascinating, and also plays a huge role for the entirety of GKN Aerospace.

So, what have I been doing these past weeks? A lot! Mostly, I have been working on a project that I unfortunately cannot write about, but it is as interesting as it is secretive. However, I am also apart of other projects that involves the responsibility of analysis and verification of differing components in several civilian jet engines during redesign and testing. Thus far, it has been a very enriching experience. Besides my department work, I am also involved in a trainee project working with younger students – please read Signe’s post below for more information.

The past two weeks, there have also been something called “Training Days” here at the site, where anyone can sign up for different educational courses related to the organization, aerospace industry or processes and products. Personally, I have signed up for a lot of courses, and to this point it has been really interesting throughout the sessions; where an expert within their field can explain what they do and in which direction the company is moving towards. Anything from how people work in teams to how our products actually work. Both educational and fun!

I can actually also briefly mention the International Graduate Program and how it is different from others, in case some of you readers completely confused regarding the different graduate schemes. IGP is GKNs international program that includes the entire GKN plc, across all of the divisions globally where Aerospace is one of the divisions within GKN plc. The program consists of three six-month placements followed by two more extensive placements that are 22 months each. Here, the main selling-point for me, is that you get the opportunity to travel, work with very different projects and simultaneously meet engaging and interesting people from around the globe. Signe and I is then this year’s international graduates with our first placement here in Trollhättan. In case you have more questions, just add a comment below, or contact me and/or Signe and we will be glad to respond.

Finally, I am excited about continuing my current projects here in Trollhättan, as well as stepping into new ones and further explore the possibilities within IGP. I have started looking into my coming placements abroad, however, as I already feel at home here in my department – I am in no hurry to plan my departure.

Philip signing out!

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