Signe signing in

Signe signing in

Dear blog readers,

It’s time for my first blog post! My name is Signe and I’m one of the international graduate engineers which means that I will spend my first six months in Trollhättan before I leave for the next adventure within GKN. Please click here if you want to read more about me. I will spend these months at the same department, which is Military commercial. This department is very exciting since it is a lot of politics involved. At the moment, I’m involved in one project about the standard parts in RM12 and the work with the strategic plan. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal more but a lot of the information within the military is confidential. Instead, I will tell you more about this year’s graduate project.

Each year, the new graduates get a mission to conduct a social project. This year, the project is a development from last year’s project, which was to inspire youths in 7th-9th grade to science and engineering. One of the activities within the project is to visit the students in the 9th grade in Trollhättan and Vänersborg and talk about what an engineer works with.

Last week, two school classes from Norway came to visit Trollhättan and to spend their day at Innovatum. The aim with this trip was to collaborate between the two countries to secure the demand of engineers in the future. GKN was invited to talk about its business and therefore Philip and I went there. We presented about GKN, how it is working as an engineer, and how we were thinking when we were in the same age as the students. This visit resulted in a journal article in Ttela and Philip and I got a moment of fame. You can click here to read the article.

Das war alles, see you!



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