F I N A L L Y !

F I N A L L Y !

Dear beloved blog reader, do not despair! Your long lost favorite blog writer is finally back again 😉

I conceive that you all spent many sleepless nights wondering about how I am doing. How has his time in Holland been? What has he done since the last blog post? How has he managed the conversion from a trainee to a simple office-worker? Do not worry – I’m glad to announce to all of you that both my body and soul are on top!

My six months in Holland made a fantastic experience, and although my final assignment was not exactly as planned, I learned a vast amount of things along the way. I was part of a project introducing new products, which is exactly the type of work that I want to lead in the future. I was responsible for planning and scheduling as well as monitoring the activity plan. A work that may not sound like the most exciting of them all, but if you, just as I do, get aroused by complicated Excel formulas and nice looking graphs, I can promise that it will get the senses spinning wild.

Besides my professional duties, I made sure to experience all the best that Holland has to offer, and I met new friends who hopefully will be with me for the rest of my life. It was undeniably with mixed feelings that I left Holland in the beginning of May, to return to my much loved and missed Trollhättan <3

Now I’ve been on my new position for almost one month already, and I must say I got a flying start. I once again work in a project with new product introductions. This time as product manufacturing engineer and with the Japanese customer Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Working with a customer from the other side of the world and a whole new culture of course means a lot of unforeseen experiences and challenges, not least in terms of quality demands and unpronounced expectations. At the same time it is incredibly fun and exciting! For example, at which other workplace in Sweden will you be offered prawn and mussel cakes with the coffee?

As you have surely understood by now, I am like a duck to water in my new project, and it’s a wonderful atmosphere and great work commitment in the project group! With that said, I now leave the word to my trainee son-in-law Alexander, who in the next post will tell you about how it feels to finally have his biggest role models back in Sweden.

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