Farnborough airshow

Farnborough airshow

Hello all blog lovers,

I have just arrived home from a visit to the Farnborough airshow. Lisa mentioned in our last post that Lisa, Signe and I got the opportunity to visit the show for a marketing analysis to scout for new technologies and cool companies. And I can tell you, there is a lot of them! The event was held by no other than Chris Gear, Chief Technology Officer GKN Aerospace. It was a great opportunity to meet with him and exchange ideas.

We also got the chance to network with some of GKN’s British and American graduates. It is always fun to meet and exchange experience. We also took the opportunity to do some other fun things, but one day was way too short to explore the whole area. Here is some of the stuff we got to do.

As a supplier to Boeing we got a private tour and try to pilot seat in their 737 and 787 plans.

The US army invited us to both their fighter helicopter Apache and their military aircrafts, the Hercules, where we also got to try the cockpit.

We also got the chance to see the complete PW 1100G engine in real life (FINALLY). The three of us has in some way all worked with the engine.

The blog will take some summer holiday a couple of weeks but is back in the end of august. We also will be leaving the blog in the hands of our new graduate colleagues who starts in September.

Hope you have a great summer

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