Hello there blog lovers, 

As of today we are no longer the only trainees at the company and with that said I would like to give the new trainees a warm welcome! You will get the opportunity to get to know them better in a near future.

Two weeks ago we got a visit from some of ABB’s trainees.

We hosted them for an afternoon where they got an introduction to our company, a tour of one of our product’s work flow and a presentation by our very own Kasper Janehag about digitalisation and Industry 4.0. We ended the afternoon with an after work with some good food and drinks! It is always fun to meet other trainees and exchange experiences.

Now I would like to promote another exiting thing. As an employee with still one foot in the trainee world I will now use the trainee blog platform to promote a new initiative at GKN Aerospace Sweden (GAS). We are a small group of happy individuals that are creating a network for young professionals on both a local and a global level in GKN. The purpose of Young@GAS is to inspire, encourage creative thinking, create possibilities for both personal and professional development as well as increase the collaboration between the young employees and the company.

If you are a GAS employee and you think, as we do, that this is an awesome initiative we would very much like for you to come to an information meeting on Thursday the 6th of September at 11.15 in Aulan. Come and get inspired to be involved and join our events the coming year!


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