A lot has happened in a short time!

A lot has happened in a short time!

Hello, our devoted blog readers!

It’s now my turn to write a few lines about my first time at the company, hold on, it has happened a lot in just a few weeks!

I am currently working at my home department where we work with Lean and Logistics, a department that soon will be called Operational Excellence, and I’ve been enjoying it very much! During the 4 weeks that I have been here I’ve got the opportunity to get to know the lovely people who work here and the vibe of the department. As a graduate engineer, you work at your home department for 10 weeks before you change to a new department, which is a relatively short period of time when you are new at your post. Therefore, I’ve tried to capture the context of the department and tried to be involved in the projects that has appeared. I’ve been working with visualization of value flows and operations, the 5S method, and at the moment I work with SOLV (which my colleague Karin Thörnblad has created) which is an optimization model for optimizing production scheduling. Thanks to this, I have met and worked with many people with different posts at the company, and that has been the most interesting part!

In addition, Wictor Dörrich and I got the opportunity to attend a workshop last week where we discussed branding, and I will soon attend another workshop where we will discuss strategies in the field of environment. These are such inspiring meetings which I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to participate in!

And finally, I have one more update – We have got our trainee assignment for this year! We will work with VR technology during this year and create a virtual study visit at GKN Aerospace Engine Systems in Trollhättan, with purpose to inspire people with interest in technology to seek and apply to positions at our company. An exciting project that will give us an increased knowledge about VR and hopefully result in a tools that the company can use for future PR purposes!

On top of all this, snow has fell over Trollhättan and the city is now beautifully covered in cripsy white snow. I wish you a great week! Cheers!

/Nina Nordberg

5 graduates out in the snow! 4 next to the sign, 1 behind the camera. Photo cred to Wictor Dörrich

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