Graduates from Siemens on the GKN site!

Graduates from Siemens on the GKN site!

Hello blog lovers!

We are happy to announce that we had our first external visit this week! A friendly group of Graduates from Siemens, Finspång, came to the GKN site in Trollhättan this wednesday and we were very happy to show them around. We presented our companies and graduate programs to eachother and found that there are many similarities between them two, but also interesting differences. Afterwards, they got the chance to see parts of our factory as we followed a product along its operations and processes through the work shops.

Thank you, Sanna Alladin, Nicky Dahl Alfredsson, Nathalie Hideborg, Simon Täufer and Andreas Wedberg! It was a pleasure having you over and to get to know you.

We look forward to keep in contact, and hopefully we will see you soon in Finspång!

Graduates from GKN and Siemens: Towards the future!

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