Upstart Week Home Department

Upstart Week Home Department

Good day dear blog readers!

My name is Wictor Dörrich and my educational background differs from the rest of the trainees, with a focus toward finance and business administration instead of engineering. If you haven’t read our personal presentations, feel free to explore a bit more about us HERE.

Starting with me, I have had a great interest for GKN Aerospace for a long time and when the opportunity appeared to pursue a trainee-program, I did not hesitate. It fills me with great joy that I am among four graduates within finance that have entered the trainee program at GKN since its beginning (1986) and I am looking forward to all the challenges and opportunities that will appear. If I haven’t mentioned it before, within this short period of time that I have been at GKN I have met a vast amount of wonderful people, especially the individuals in the trainee group that I have had the privilege to get to know on a deeper level. Additionally, the people in the different workshops and offices have given me great insight and advice, which I am grateful for now. I understand now why people love this place and stay here for a very long time.

“Time flies when you are having fun”. With this quote I can certainly define the first four and a half weeks. It is already October 3rd and Christmas is in sight. My fellow trainee colleagues do not appreciate the extravagant Christmas spirit as much as I do but maybe I should be realistic and understand that it is approximately 3 months left…but still. Anyways, all of us have now started the first 10-week rotation at our home department, mine being Finance. My mission is to contribute and learn as much as I can during this time. The project that has been allocated onto me from my manager Alexander Andersson is to develop an aftermarket calculation model for one of our risk and revenue programs. For me, this is as exciting as it gets but I just hope that time will be in my favor! For the rest of the trainees they have been positioned in different key areas in regards to their expertise.

  • Nina Nordberg has her home department within Lean & Logistics and her mentor and manager being Maria Persson. She will be working on 5S and working methods for overlooking systems, structure and visualization. Furthermore, she will be working with Solve, an optimization model for production planning.
  • Amanda Dalstam has her home department within Space in workshop X with her mentor and manager being Marcus Andersson. Her project will encompass manufacturing engineering with the SWAN team (nozzle). Her main assignment is to produce a risk analysis that will serve as a basis for continuous improvement in manufacturing.
  • Filip Jensen has his home department within Rotors, supervised by Rikard Nedar. Due to his expertise within Space Engineering and Instrumentation, he will be working closely on the Space RU & Prometheus project.
  • Emelie Rönnbäck has her home department toward Engine Development at the Defence & Military division. She will be working closely with her manager Christian Lundh on a project to further develop the RM-12 engine.

As you can see, we have an exciting time ahead of us with much to learn. The upcoming 10 weeks will be spent working on these aforementioned projects as well as different side projects in correlation with the trainee-program. Furthermore, we will go more in-depth in the upcoming posts about how it is going for us and what we do more specifically when we are a bit more “varma i kläderna” as we say in Swedish. In other words, a bit more familiar with the job itself. We are still frantically waiting for our collective Trainee Project that will be ongoing throughout the next 9 months here in Trollhättan. Moreover, we will mention further about it when we know what it will be more explicitly.

That was all for me this time, hope you enjoyed reading about us and how our current situation looks like. Looking forward to sharing many more interesting and captivating endeavors here at GKN.

Until next time!

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