Networking with Volvo Cars’ Graduate Engineers

Networking with Volvo Cars’ Graduate Engineers

Hi there,

A new week full of possibilities has just arrived and my trainee colleagues and I kicked-off this week with an exciting visit from Volvo Cars Global Graduates. It is always as much fun to meet with other trainees from interesting companies all around Sweden to exchange experiences and to learn more about the different businesses. We did not only lecture about our cool products but we also was fortunate enough to have Peter Stommendal with us who spoke about the differences in business models within aerospace and automotive. It was an interesting take, which raised many relevant topics for discussion afterwards. Many thanks to Volvo Cars for visiting us! And we’ll see you soon but this time in Linköping where we’ll visit SAAB and together with their Global Graduates will learn more about the fighter jet JAS Gripen.

Pssst. Volvo Cars was very amused by the signs in Malöga since they still are printed in the typical Volvo font.

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