Viritual Reality

Viritual Reality


We have since a few weeks back been working on our new rotations, this time I am working in a workshop called Rotatives where rotating components for jet engines are manufactured. Working within Aerospace you normally face really tough tolerances as it is very important to manufacture correct and safe products. When manufacturing rotating parts, it is even tougher. During my time at the department I’ve realized how incredibly cool it is to be able to manufacture something with such extreme precision.

This Tuesday (30th of April) we had a “Two thirds review” of a project we are having, it’s a Viritual Reality (VR) project where you can explore GKN Aerospace in a very modern way, we will tell you more about this when the project is finished. However, our supplier has been working with this project for a time now, reaching an approximate 66 % completion. We had previously decided that a review of the project would be needed as we reached this level so our supplier come to our site in order for us to give some feedback.

Further, they also brought some additional equipment to show how VR can be used in training and manufacturing. They also brought a Microsoft Hololens which is a Mixed Reality (MR) headset, also known as Augmented Reality (AR). We took the opportunity to invite some managers and people over within manufacturing and IT to try it out and to let them be inspired. We are convinced that this type of technology can be exploited to make our company even better in the future.


Stefan Smith trying the latest version

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